Specialist Handling

Getting equipment delivered from forward stores to a site (last mile) is often the easy part; getting it to its final rooftop destination is the bigger challenge. With increased focus on both time and money, innovative manual handling solutions are required, and this is something with which the UK Teleport team are particularly experienced.

Stair Climber

For plant room, rooftop deliveries and even kerbside locations where stairs, steps or raised platforms become an integral part of the delivery solution; UK teleport have a range of powered stair climbers to suit the individual site requirements.

Lorry Loader

UK Teleport have a number of custom-built lorry loader solutions. These provide payloads of up to 2,000kg with a lifting capacity of up to 500kg at a 6m radius. They are perfect for streetworks or greenfield cabinet deliveries, and even single storey deliveries. Our drivers and loader operatives are NRSWA trained, and so basic traffic management can also be provided.


UK Teleport are able to offer a range of services to support works on greenfield sites that are off the beaten track. These include 7-seat vehicles to provide engineer transport, tracked delivery vehicles and off-road lorry loaders.

Tracked Carrier

UK Teleport have a number of remote controlled electrically powered tracked carriers that can overcome soft and uneven terrain with payloads of up to 2000 kg. These are particularly useful for those sites where there is tight ground level access required for heavy or bulky loads, that are too big to be transported with a sack truck.


For very challenging off road deliveries where access is not possible with one of our a 4×4 vehicles, UK Teleport can offer UTV support to move engineers, their tools and equipment up to a weight of 400 kg per journey.