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Site Support

Whilst hiring temporary fencing is simple enough, hire companies will not include for the installation of the panels. UK Teleport provide a delivery and installation service for temporary site fencing, an install up to 300m per day if required. Welfare units are also available and UK Teleport offer timed delivery and collections of all equipment to avoid audit failures and council fines for over-runs.

Kerbside and last mile

For straightforward deliveries to ground level locations, UK Teleport can supply one-man deliveries with sack trucks or similar with payloads from a single box up to 2,500kg. Additional manpower can be provided as necessary.


UK Teleport are able to offer a range of services to support works on greenfield sites that are off the beaten track. These include 7-seat vehicles to provide engineer transport, tracked delivery vehicles and off-road lorry loaders.

Site in a box

The ultimate in site support. UK Teleport provide a suitably sized container to house all hardware, antennas, feeder, fibre, DC cables and ancillaries for a site. If required, the container can be pre-stocked with all the consumables needed for a site build (connectors, studding, clamps, tape, earths, foam, etc). The containers can be specified with welfare facilities and options to include generators, remote video monitoring, PIN access, etc.

Last metre

Getting equipment delivered from forward stores to a site (last mile) is often the easy part; getting it from the field gateway or the building’s entrance door to its final destination is the bigger challenge. With increased focus on both time and money, innovative manual handling solutions are required, and this is something with which the UK Teleport team are particularly experienced.

Site clearance

Sometimes the most cost-effective way of getting legacy equipment removed from site is to break it down into smaller sections. UK Teleport’s teams are experienced in packing flat all equipment which is on site to allow it to be quickly, cheaply and safely removed.

Lorry loaders

UK Teleport have a number of custom-built lorry loader solutions. These provide payloads of up to 2,000kg with a lifting capacity of up to 500kg at a 6m radius. They are perfect for streetworks or greenfield cabinet deliveries, and even single storey deliveries. Our drivers and loader operatives are NRSWA trained and so basic traffic management can also be provided.


UK Teleport provide services in grounds maintenance, including grass cutting, vermin and weed control, fence installation and/or repairs as well as cabinet painting.


Whilst UK Teleport have no ambitions to become a civils contractor, we have experience in completing minor civils such as cabinet base installation and extensions, gantry support pole bases, cable management. So if we’re going to be on site delivering equipment and there are some minor civils to be completed, why not ask us to price to complete this at the same time?